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Four Percent is one of the most complete histories of the Boy Scouts of America ever written – and the first to focus on the remarkable story of Eagle Scouts. Award-winning author Michael S. Malone, himself an Eagle, brings the eye of a veteran journalist to a story that for too long has been wrapped in myth and prejudice – and uncovers one of the most important, but least celebrated, movements in modern American history.

Four Percent is more than just a history of the Eagle Scout rank, but also the story of many Eagles – a President of the United States, dozens of astronauts (including Neil Armstrong), Medal of Honor recipients, Nobel prize winning scientists, authors, movie stars, titans of industry, Senators, Congressmen and Governors, civil rights leaders, and community activists – who have transformed the face of America over the last century. 

One of Malone’s major contributions in this book is his discovery that the community service project requirement for the Eagle rank has resulted in the great youth service initiative in history:  more than 100 million hours devoted to improving the nation’s communities and neighborhoods.

Filled with vivid historic anecdotes, compelling profiles, and surprising facts, Malone has brought to Four Percent the eye of a world-class writer, the insider experience of being an Eagle Scout himself, and the objectivity of a career journalist, to produce the best book ever about America’s Eagles – and perhaps even about Boy Scouting itself.


Michael and his works always get good impressions from the audience.

The Valley of Heart's Delight

"I can't think of a more acute observer of the wild Silicon Valley saga than Mike Malone. He has seen it all from up close."

Tom Wolfe, author of A Man in Full and The Bonfire of the Vanities

"Mike Malone is to Silicon Valley what George Orwell was to the Spanish Civil War."

Paul A. Gigot, Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal

"One hundred years from now, when people talk about Silicon Valley, they will be using Mike Malone's words."

Tom Siebel, Chairman and CEO, Siebel Systems

"Malone has done it again! By compiling these gems from the past, we can revisit his powerful insights for the future. Thank you, Mike Malone, for helping to shape this legend we call 'The Valley!'"

Dr. Eric Schmidt Chairman and CEO, Google, Inc.

"In an area that has had too much hype, Mike Malone consistently provides the provocative, penetrating analyses and insights that brilliantly withstand the test of time. He is an impeccable source of enlightenment."

Steve Forbes, President and Editor in Chief, Forbes Inc.

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Bill & Dave

"A lesson plan for managers trying to make their own fame and fortune on an ever more competitive scale."

San Francisco Chronicle

"His tale of Hewlett-Packard's rise and fall recalls the time when, incredibly HP was cool. Malone chronicles how the two quickly outgrew what Packard called "that damn garage" and developed the HP Way, the cultural operating system standard for high tech companies."


"It's worth reflecting on how fine Bill and Dave's achievement really was."


"Malone has produced a biography, management guidebook, and business history, all in one."


"Mike Malone does the legacy of Hewlett and Packard a great service with this book. I hope it inspires a whole new generation of entrepreneurs to rise to the standards set by these two remarkable leaders."

Jim Collins, author Good to Great, co-author Built to Last

"Recounting the well-known HP stories and unearthing some new ones, his account of the two tech titans and the world they made has a fresh feel throughout."

Washington Post

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The Guardian of All Things (publish Sept. 2012)

"Ingenious, richly complex account of how humans exchange, record, preserve and manipulate information... An original, fascinating scientific history of how human memory and a series of inventions have driven the advance of civilization."

Kirkus, starred review

"Premier technology writer Malone transforms our understanding of memory, human and artificial. After a vivid account of the evolution of the brain, he charts the developments that enabled our ancestors to acquire language, the first step in sharing memories and knowledge. With informed pleasure in the ingenuity involved, Malone deepens our appreciation for the development of increasingly sophisticated forms of memory preservation, organization, and communication while delving into the personalities and lives of both celebrated and forgotten technical visionaries."

Booklist, starred review

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The Future Arrived Yesterday

"Malone, a journalist specializing in technology and business, presents his ideas on how companies will adapt to an emerging world that brings together the wireless Web, intelligent cell phones, billions of new consumers from developing countries, and a dedicated entrepreneurial culture. To be “protean,” corporations (not-for-profits and government agencies) will consistently function as new business start-ups, 80 percent staffed with entrepreneurs operating far from corporate headquarters—independent, empowered to use their own judgment, taking risks in developing new markets, and less attached to their employer. The 20 percent minority will be people who seek stability, are risk-averse, and will be vital to maintaining the corporate culture and preserving the institutional memory; they will be key to long-term survival. Google and Wikipedia are early-stage protean organizations, as is the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although all may not agree with Malone, entrepreneurs will revel in the historic opportunities he sees for them; and if his ideas contribute to corporate discussions and planning, his objectives will be met. Excellent book."


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Charlie's Place

"This is a beautiful and riveting adventure story that conveys a century of American history, from the Oklahoma land rush to the digital revolution, in a most personal way. It's a tale of murderers and greedy bankers and stubborn farmers and an indomitable woman--all astonishingly more real than our usual stereotypes. But most of all it is about the relationship between a farm and a family and what that teaches us about America, honor, and the historic connections that can make life meaningful. This book could transform your life."

Walter Isaacson

"Wow. . . it turns out that Silicon Valley's top writer is also one of America's top historians. Charlie's Place starts with a literal bang-- the gunshot start of the Oklahoma Land Rush -- and grippingly tells the story of a family's dreams and courage, lost and restored. The book is an inspiration, a jewel."

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher Forbes

"From skeletons in his family's closet, Michael Malone has fashioned a fascinating, touching, page-turner narrative of murder, jealousy, and hardscrabble survival in the Old West. A really wonderful book."

Ron Hansen, Author, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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